Recorded at Taque Taco/BBQ Bar in Ashburn, VA, Ali and MC somehow dedicate an entire show to football the day before the Super Bowl...and hardly discuss the Super Bowl!!!

  • MC's Black History Month Angst
  • The People vs. OJ Simpson Recap
  • Johnny Football..Johnny F' Off
  • Chatting with Taque owner Keith Elson
  • The Haters vs Cam Newton

Finally emerging from the Blizzard of 2016, MC and Ali chat about Cam Newton hate and...once again...why white folks play in the snow with no clothes baffles the mind


Award winning filmmaker and the founder of the Northern VA International Music and Film Festival Fernando Mico hangs with MC and Ali and talk 2015 movies, #OscarsSoWhite and what 2016 movies to hate and not hate!


The guys do a little pre-game before the #FunkCancer charity event benefitting St Jude Medical Research. 

Joined by Precious Paul and DJ Rend, MC and Ali discuss gun control, white people wearing shorts in the winter, over-excited Washington Redskins fans and who is more racist, Thailand or Maine? Plus, Steve Kroft's preference for "Ass-Juice"

MC invites Paul Preston, host of The Movie Guys (@TheMovieGuys on Twitter) and Kevin Bednarz, owner of Comic Logic (@comiclogicva on Twitter) to offer their interesting thoughts on Star Wars; A Force Awakens.

It's a spoiler-filled review; east coast versus west coast, movie guy versus comic book guy, thumbs up versus thumbs down versus thumbs sideways! Listen and enjoy 

Ali and MC run through the year that was 2015.

  • Small Business Shout Outs
  • Time Travel to the 80s, what would you tell yourself?
  • New Year's From the Past
  • 2015 Year in Review, Celebs, Politics, Sports n Sh_t
  • Show Moment of the Year and Guests of the Year

Hoe Hoe Hoe! It's A HaterNation Christmas! Recorded at Vaper's Retreat in Chantilly, MC, Ali and DJ welcome in Josh Wheatley of Vaper's Retreat and musical guests PMagik and Bruce Wayne.

  • (Clinton) Portis Pockets...Not as Straight as He Thought
  • What We Hate About Christmas
  • The Land of Bootleg Toys
  • FMK- The Ladies of Christmas Movies
To view our pics of bootleg toys and FMK ladies, visit our home page, catch video of the rap performance at or

While Ali is off being one with nature, MC travels to a galaxy far, far away...and hates on it. His top 3 things he hates about Star Wars, plus a Star Wars love fest with old friend Paul Preston of the LA-based movie reviewers The Movie Guys (


MC and Ali discuss some recent headlines, including a knife attack after the Redskins/Cowboys Monday Night game, pussy college kids, concussions in sports and Dusty Baker's old crazy ass.

Top Story- Donald Trump's crazy, wacky, controversial ride
Hater Highlight Reel- Burt Reynolds, Pizza Woman and more

MC and Ali, surrounded by a gaggle of toys MC needs to get rid of, review the madness that was Black Friday, review Jessica Jones, offers a "unique" farewell to Kobe Bryant and says hello to Greg Godbout, owner of not only the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse BUT ALSO the Drafthouse Comedy Theater, scheduled to open January 2016. 

Plus Donald Trump talk, because obviously, no one else is running for president.

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