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The HaterNation Show Episode 56: 9/27/2014

September 28th, 2014

The triple threat is back and the shows is, as usual, off...the...rails, thanks to $1 cocktails at the nearby Ashburn Pub.

We review our trip last week to Inwood, WV as we made our pro wrestling debut for LTW Entertainment ( we were rudely interrupted by LTW's own Stevie B, who challenges the HaterNation to return to West Virginia on October 18.
Tons of news, including NFL rape allegations, the Oklahoma beheading situation and more.
In studio guests: Brian and Anthony "Zeke" Cook, aka the Bleeding Cowboys (
We also offer the DC area codes for advanced screening passes for 2 upcoming films, Annabelle and Gone Girl.
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The HaterNation Show Episode 55: 9/22/2014

September 22nd, 2014

Episode 55 is a special road trip episode as the guys review their pro wrestling debut in Inwood, WV as they accompanied IPWA Hall of Famer Carnage (@BadBoyCarnage) to ringside. Congrats to Carnage, the NEW LTW West Virginia Champion!!!

Ali, MC and the returning DJ Rend also discuss the latest CFs from the NFL. MC's motion sickness takes over and he continues the rest of the podcast solo, discussing youth soccer, Mike Tysons, and offer a legendary rant on kids and people who have an inability to cope, which is probably one of the reasons we're seeing all these NFL abuse issues. 
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The HaterNation Show Episode 54: 9/15/14

September 15th, 2014

MC and Ali welcome IPWA Hall of Famer Carnage to the studio, as he is promoting his September 20 wrestling match in Inwood, WV (Randy Smith Center). Information can be found here- and will feature...The Wrestling Debut of The HaterNation!

The guys go through a wild week of sports...and other stuff, and do it better than the rest.
  • Adrian Peterson- What's Abuse and What's Just An Ass Whoopin
  • Ray Rice- What did the NFL know and how does he get support FROM WOMEN??
  • Atlanta Hawks- They are just being Captain Obvious in a crappy sports town
  • Oscar Pistorius- Does he get to wear the blades in jail?
Plus phone calls from Sweet Lou of Robbie's First Base and the TV show "Ball Boys" and Carnage's opponent on September 20, the LTW Champion, "The Krippler Chris Morgan".
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The HaterNation Show Episode 53: 9/8/2014

September 8th, 2014

It's the triumphant return of BA Hater this episode as we pull another classic show out of our asses!

  • Youth soccer returns to drive MC crazy.
  • RIP Joan Rivers.
  • Who loses 11 Libyan airplanes?????
  • Ebola News Network update, and the introduction of the new hit song..."Crash and Bleed Out".
  • A little NFL talk
  • Stacy Brown from & @BigfootStacy on Twitter talks to us about his FLIR image and his latest discovery.
  • Movie talk with Fernando Mico where we disclose our favorite films.
  • A Team Jibs story perfect for the start of football season.
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The HaterNation Show Episode 52: 9/2/2014

August 31st, 2014

MC and CJ are joined by the fist pumping hater, Pascal Halabi, owner of Kaftamania Food Truck (@Kaftamania) and Phil Thaxton (@Thax57), author of  "JEB Stuart Raiders; Memoirs of a Black Captain."

  • Shark stories from Hawaii.
  • Ferguson "audio"- what was the guy in the audio doing?
  • We remain the ENN, the Ebola News Network.
  • Curbside Cookout, September 6, 1st and M Streets NW- for all the info.
  • Back to School Memories; Diversity, Hot Teachers and more.
  • Grape face, tree hands and super scrotum...when to go to the doctor.
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The HaterNation Show Episode 51: 8/25/2014

August 24th, 2014

  • Ali, MC and CJ discuss museum etiquette and have a spirited, open discussion about the ongoing Ferguson situation. 
  • Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi from Science Channel and Nat-Geo, returns to talk about the popularity of science, his unique background and his thoughts on Ferguson.
  • We discover white ebola which is quite different from white ebola.
  • MC takes the Floyd Mayweather reading challenge and passes with flying colors.
From the DogGone Natural Studios in Ashburn, VA (
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The HaterNation Show Episode 50: 8/17/2014

August 17th, 2014

Ali Haji rocks the stick solo tonight, but he isn't alone, as he welcomes:

  • Jon Alrutz and Josh Novak from local band Saturday Night Rescue (
  • Ashburn Pub owner Kevin Bednarz ( 
  • Organizer of MCA Day in New York City Mike Kearney (@MCADayNYC on twitter,
The fellas run through a very busy news week, discussing the ongoing Michael Brown situation in Ferguson, the Tony Stewart/ Kevin Ward, Jr incident and the shocking death of comedian Robin Williams. John and Josh discuss some stories from the road and Mike Kearney talks about MCA Day, the annual tribute celebration in the memory of Beastie Boy member, the late Adam Yauch (MCA). 
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The HaterNation Show Episode 49: 8/9/2014

August 8th, 2014

Ali and MC talk Redskins tattoos and attention whores, tinder (aka the F_ck App) and more news that'll make you shake your head until the top pops off.

If you're black and you go on history tours in this always starts with slavery. That story plus dummies at zoos and more!
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The HaterNation Show Episode 48: 8/2/2014

August 1st, 2014

Ali and MC announce the unofficial rebranding of the show to the ENN, EBOLA NEW NETWORK- We told you about this sh_t weeks ago and now it's coming to the US!!!

Plus some flesh eating bacteria in the southern waters of the US along with FX's "The Strain", things are just getting crucial.
  • Jesse Ventura being a tough guy to a widow of a SEAL.
  • NFL talk; Cam Thomas & herpes, Ray Rice and right hooks and more.
  • Chad Dukes talk
We close with a sick track, "Brute Force" by Koblack
**BTW, we give the url and code for your chance at passes to Expendable 3 before anyone else**
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The HaterNation Show Episode 47: 7/28/2014

July 28th, 2014

No show this week, but the fellas have something...interesting for you. Their first ever episode featuring MC, Ali and BA from more than 2 years ago.

The guys discuss the NCAA tournament, Redskins (still topical) and show their impressive foresight (predicted Peyton goes to Denver...and, well, felt that Pierre Garcon wouldn't be any good- 1 out of 2 ain't bad).
Plus, some great Hater Highlight Reel stories including...the infamous "Shit Bat" incident
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