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The HaterNation Show Episode 46: 7/20/2014

July 20th, 2014

Ali, MC and CJ rocks the mics from the DogGone Natural Studios in Ashburn, VA.

  • Bad Luck Lottery- Malaysian Airlines.
  • That Hole in Siberia.
  • Cop Stories: Bad Cops kill Eric Garner/ Cop Killer and the Black Community.
  • The Strain and the Halle Berry Show (Extant).
  • Black Captain America.
  • The HaterNation's tribute to Derek Jeter...and the women he smashed.
  • N.W.A. bio-pic casting call- are you A,B,C or...D!?
  • The HaterNation introduces "Black...or White?".
  • Would you smash a chick with a colostomy bag?
  • Our tribute to James Garner.
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The HaterNation Show Episode 45: 7/13//2014

July 13th, 2014

Full house at the DogGone Natural studio this week as we're joined in studio by dear friend comedian Travis Spencer ( Travis is part of a comedy event ( hosted by our phone guest, former Redskins Fred Smoot (@FSmoot21SeanT). We talk to Fred about his love of comedy, the recent off the field issues with Redskins Tanard Jackson and Browns Josh Gordon and his somewhat complicated twitter handle.

After the break, it's NBA hate as the fellas discuss Lebron's NEW decision to return home and some World Cup talk since...well, we have no idea. 
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The HaterNation Show Episode 44: 7/5/2014

July 6th, 2014

The show is on the road this week, as MC and Ali broadcast from Ali's palatial compound in Arlington, VA, home of the faux urban dwelling, young professional pukes and hipsters.

  • We lay the World Cup 2014 to least in US fan's eyes.
  • Anthony Cumia fired from Sirius XM. We review Anthony's tweets and try to see how Sirius did what they did.
  • Warren Sapp being an overly sensitive woman.
Remember, July 14, #HateOnCancer at the Ashburn Pub in Ashburn, VA. Awesome raffles and food specials. See our flyer for the details
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The HaterNation Show Episode 43: 6/30/2014

June 30th, 2014

It's the triple threat you won't forget; The HaterNation Show from the DogGone Natural Studios in Ashburn, VA:

  • A review of our hijacking of the Ashburn Pub's hashtag.
  • We love yoga pants.
  • Naked Dating.
  • Hank Baskett have issues holding balls...
  • Transformers; Age of Extinction Review
  • World Cup: Biting, Security and Ann Coulter with Jimmie Walker...W....T....F???
  • Ebola; The UN ain't got sh_t on us.
July 14 at the Ashburn Pub in Ashburn, VA, we #HateOnCancer. Visit for all the details. 
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The HaterNation Show Episode 42: 6/22/2014

June 22nd, 2014

We couldn't stop laughing, hopefully you'll do the same as MC, BA and CJ discuss:

  • Summer songs through the years, and what will be Summer 2014's song?
  • Hope Solo and her"wolf eyes" running around, smacking her family up.
  • Japan's recent ban on child porn...welcome to the party, pal!!!!
  • Low achieving schools in Northern VA.
Yes, we know, we need help with our handwriting, drinking and geography, but our podcasting is pretty damn good!!!
July 14, join us at The Ashburn Pub in Ashburn, VA as we #HateOnCancer. Information will soon be available on our website,
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The HaterNation Show Episode 41: 6/15/2014

June 15th, 2014

It's MC and Ali at the DogGone Natural Studios for our special Father's Day Tribute Show!

  • First, however, a touching love story about dolphin-human sex from the 1960s.
  • The fellas get deep about the recent anti-Redskins ad
  • Father's Day gets a unique touch, as the boys look at the 20th anniversary of the OJ Simpson circus
  • It's a the deadbeat father murderer's row, as we discuss the likes of Joe Jackson, Michael Lohan, Royce White, Calvin Murphy and more.
  • A discussion of an unintentionally funny "What Would You Do" ABC special on interracial dating from last year (more on that on future episodes).
As always, be sure to give us some love on social media:
  • @TheHaterNation, @HajiHate and @BAhater on Twitter
  • and of
Special thanks to CJ Correnti our producer, Precious Paul Erb our studio guest and @Magic_Uno for our theme song
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The HaterNation Show Episode 40: 06/01/2014

June 1st, 2014

Break out the Thin Lizzy, because THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN! After several weeks with 1-2 co-hosts broadcasting, the summer opens with all 3 members of the HaterNation in studio (along with DJ and CJ)! They welcome back pro wrestling hall of famer Carnage to join in their reindeer games, and the Haters waste no time taking aim at:

  • Wedding present protocol. 
  • The Indiana Pacers.
  • Loser Murdering Virgin in SoCal.
  • Donald Sterling gets RICHER.
  • Urine bandits are always funny.
  • Snapchat CEO...$150M and you still don't get it...JUST BE A GUY!!!
  • Mark Cuban dropping truth bombs.
  • Diversity in sports.
  • T.I., Money Mayweather and the realization that "These Hoes Ain't Loyal".
Plus BA Hater; Motivational Speaker and the guys watch as MC nearly chokes on his own phlegm 


Produced at DogGone Natural in Ashburn, VA
Theme song by Magic One, Chicago, IL (@magic_uno on twitter)
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The HaterNation Show Episode 39: 5/17/2014

May 18th, 2014

No BA, Ali, DJ or even CJ problem!!!

MC runs through his week that was, including his youth soccer hate, NBA conference preview, his trip to LA and a prime minister in Turkey who is straight gangster. 
Remember folks in DC, MD and VA, May 22, award winning indie filmmaker Fernando Mico's screening of Ever After: Scene X (featuring a cameo by The HaterNation) at the Angelika at Mosaic. Free to the public, visit our website, for all the info.
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The HaterNation Show Episode 38: 5/10/2014

May 14th, 2014

While MC's away the hate doesn't stop!!!! Old buddy fist pumpin Pascal and the folks from Baron Tours come by to act the fool.

Virgin Whore Bidding,
Michael Sam, 
Cake Smashing,
Atlantic City,
Pascal the Racist,
Worst Cities in America
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The HaterNation Show Episode 37: 5/3/2014

May 5th, 2014

MC and Ali are experiencing Groundhog Day, as "old" news stories are returning to the fold, namely:

  • Boston sports fans are racists
  • Shaquille O'Neal is just a dummy
  • Donald Sterling is a racist
  • Overdeveloped teens, youth soccer, Ali proves his Washington Wizards fandom and we ask the question, is it adultery if everyone is cool with it? We're looking at your Ashburn, VA!!!
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