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The HaterNation Show Episode 67: 12/16/2015

December 16th, 2014

An instant classic episode of the HaterNation Show. Ali, MC and CJ welcome filmmakers and difference makers Mike Ricucci of Terra Rising Films (@TerraRisingFilm) Paul Preston of The Movie Guys ( and Fernando Mico, founder of the Northern Virginia International Film Festival (

  • What's More Inappropriate, Ali touching CJ or the clothing some women wear at company holiday parties
  • The Sony Hack...glorious...because we need content!
  • The sisters of Delta Gamma at the University of Maryland find a way to put their feet in their mouths again...and maybe more than a foot!
  • Mike Ricucci joins the fray with some old rock star party stories
  • Paul Preston (@TheMovieGuys) offers his best films of 2014 and what to look forward too in 2015
  • We grill Fernando Mico about being in his next movie and discuss Hollywood white washing films
  • A QUICKIE as we talk about the UK porn ban...more on that next week when BA HATER RETURNS
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The HaterNation Show Episode 66: 12/10/2014

December 10th, 2014

Ali, MC and CJ welcome friend Marcus "Mook" Washington into the studio and BRING IT on the stupid Eaten Alive show, the Eric Garner situation, London Fletcher vs the Redskins and much more.

Plus we speak to LTW West Virginia Champion JR Flurry, who faces our boy Carnage 12/13 in Inwood, WV
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The HaterNation Show Episode 65: 12/2/2014

December 2nd, 2014

MC, Ali and CJ are back from Thanksgiving, and after some well timed mid-Thanksgiving meal dumps, they are better than ever!

  • Roll Damn Tide- Ali celebrates Alabama's Iron Bowl win
  • Ferguson Fallout; race relations, police relations and other questionable stories
  • Black November is over
  • The always entertaining Rev T (@RevTinDC) hits the scene and talks about RG3, his Twitter wars and more
  • Dallas Cowboy Demarco Murray running wild into married tail
  • Rejoice! There's a Black Stormtrooper!
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The HaterNation Show Episode 64: 11/24//2014

November 23rd, 2014

The boys are back...MC, Ali and....BA...THE HATERNATION IS BACK!!!

  • BA gives us an update on his health
  • We give a shout out to upstate NY, getting hit with SHAQ-SIZE SNOW
  • Bill Cosby, once is chance, twice is a coincidence...THIRTEEN TIMES??? HEY, HEY, HEY!!
  • What is "every white dad's nightmare"?
  • Jib hate...NOT BY US
  • Michael Phelps is a freak
  • The hottest accents for a broad
  • If you're in Ferguson...RUN!!!
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The HaterNation Show Episode 63: 11/15/2014

November 14th, 2014

MC takes you along during his Veteran's Day "honey do" list, and the hate is riding shotgun:

  • Veteran's Day. the "trading card" holiday
  • MC's hate for pedestrians and construction
  • Issues with the purse lady at Macy's
  • MC's mission for his kids
  • Lingerie Stores
  • Black Friday hate
  • The new KKK, Artie Lange and the LATEST bitch-fest about the N-word
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The HaterNation Show Episode 62: 11/9/2014

November 9th, 2014

In what has been described as a "discombobulated Meet the Press", Ali handles the stick with CJ and guests Pro Wrestler Carnage and Friend of the Show Tony Arko. 

  • Mid-term elections
  • ISIS vs ISIL
  • Ebola Hoax?
  • NASCAR fights
  • Ali's hate of the week
  • Tony Arko's conspiracy corner
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The HaterNation Show Episode 61: 11/2/2014

November 2nd, 2014

MC and CJ are joined by old friend Precious Paul Erb of the soon to open Cave Gaming Center in Fairfax.

  • Post Halloween Glow- Friday Halloween for Adults is AWESOME
  • This Title Max commercial might be the worse commercial on the planet- and similarly awful commercials from Popeyes and KFC
  • Ali makes a run-in and talks about his recent trips to San Francisco and Charlottesville, VA
  • The Ebola Bitch in Maine
  • Marvel stomping a mudhole on DC and more comic book entertainment talk
  • Sports hate...with Ali?????
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The HaterNation Show: October 26, 2014

October 26th, 2014

MC and CJ rock out with our...well you know. It's Ebola, school shootings and being "black enough" this week.

Young guitarist Kay Blank stops by and absolutely kills it with his playing and his view on life. A really talented kid.

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The HaterNation Show Episode 59: 10/21/2014

October 20th, 2014

  • MC rocking the mic solo tonight, and offers some info on one of the show hosts. 
  • Tons of Ebola angst...we're the best healthcare system in the world, right?
  • Colt McCoy is YOUR Redskins Savior in Peril
  • Shortening games or shorten seasons?
  • What are Bullys and Nerds nowadays?
  • Speaking of "Nerds", let's talk comic book tv shows!
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The HaterNation Show Episode 58: 10/14/2014

October 14th, 2014

MC and Ali record live from the Ashburn Pub's Annual Charity Golf Tournament in Westpark Golf Course in Leesburg:

  • Ebola, enterovirus and a football sized tumor...WASH YOUR HANDS!
  • What happened to old school playground equipment.
  • Orioles vs Nats and the downward spiral known as Adrian Peterson.
  • Sites and sounds from the gold tournament, photo and videos available on our facebook and youtube pages. 
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