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The HaterNation Show Episode 77: 2/24/2015

February 24th, 2015

  • MC and Ali welcome aspiring chef and sassy Texan Jessica Thomas (@JessicaMT21) to the show as we review the Oscars and the Razzies. 
  • We speak with British poet Ant Smith (, @AntSmithPoet) who on March 7 will hold a "Big Small Penis Party" in Whitechapel to encourage positive body image for men.
  • The guys close with a new disease, a "Bourbon" Tick Virus that the show has renamed "Jim Beam Virus".
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The HaterNation Show Episode 76: 2/18/2015

February 18th, 2015

MC and CJ are joined by long time friend Precious Paul Erb of Cave Gaming in Fairfax, VA. The guys review "Snowpocalypse 2015" and MC's trip to mall that use to be cool, then was trash, then was rebuilt to be the cleaner version of the one that was trash.

Plus, confusion over the sneaker craze and people who dress up to go to the gym. 
The 3 celebrate BA Hater's recent discussing recent relationship woes dragged through social media. 
The guys end the show with a review of SNL's 40th show, All Star Weekend, Little League controversies and a kid with a really big johnson. 
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The HaterNation Show Interviews Comedian Robert Kelly

February 13th, 2015

MC and Ali travel up to Magooby's Joke House to chat with comedian Robert Kelly. Bobby slayed the audience and then continued with MC and Ali, as he roasts the guys on...well everything!!!!

Bobby talks about the Patriots' Super Bowl win, recalls memories with the late great Patrice O'Neal and talks about if anyone actually knows when they "make it" in the business. 
We go over a ton of other things in the 45 minutes we had with him. Not going to spoil, enjoy!, @RobertKelly
Plus, DC area folks, we give out a special code for your chance to attend an advanced screening of Hot Tub Time Machine, 2/18 at AMC Mazza Gallerie. 
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The HaterNation Show Episode 75: 2/11/2015

February 11th, 2015

Ali and MC discuss their very busy, where they got smashed by a famous comedian, almost die on the road, participate in a wrestling and drink until one of them goes blind. 

Grammy highlights, or Kanye bashing, whatever you want to call it.
Plus "Haji Headlines" straight from the Daily Mail, Brian Williams, RG3 and more
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The HaterNation Show Episode 74: 2/3/2015

February 3rd, 2015

It's Groundhog Day, and for the Seahawks, they are PRAYING that this day never repeats. The guys tear into Seattle's decision to throw on the one yard line, discuss the Super Bowl commercials and hate on the kind of people you always run into at a sports bar.

After the break it's what was the easy money bet; Bruce Jenner turning into a woman, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's daughter struggles, Johnny Manziel goes to rehab or Warren Sapp gets busted for whores? Plus, a tangent segment about poop stories,
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The HaterNation Show Episode 73: 1/27/15

January 27th, 2015

Beauties, beasts dominate this week's episode, as the guys spend most of the 1st segment talking about this past weekend's Miss Universe pageant. 

Then it's off to the Vaping phenomena and Ventfest (February 27 at Velocity 5 in Centreville) with DJ Rend and Sam Cho of Sick Clouds adn Vaperz inc (@Deligma).
After the break the guys "muck it up" with MMA fighter Soa "The Hulk" Palelei (@SoaTheHulk) all the way from Australia. We have with Soa; asking him about hot Australia women while learning about his new podcast, Hulk Talk and his fear of sharks.
We close with some hate for Alex Ovechkin and questions about Robert Allenby.
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The HaterNation Show Episode 72: 1/20/2014

January 20th, 2015

MC and Ali welcome back WUSA-9 Meteorologist Erica Grow (@EricaGrow) to the DogGone Natural Studio. Comedian Dan Soder (@DanSoder) called in, but due to poor cell service, we weren't able to chat with him.

  • Weather Talk with Erica
  • Female teachers banging high school boys...again  
  • Penn State got those wins back...and alumni Erica brings THE REAL
  • Cardale Jones' bone headed decision
  • Russell Wilson vs RG3
  • Greg Anthony and The HaterNation Performers present "Hoe'in Rebels"
  • Oscar snub (?) and Racism in Hollywood
  • John Travolta in a 3am...asking you if you're married
  • Pussification of America turns to a girls HS basketball...and Ali turns babyface!!!!
  • Social Media etiquette and begging
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The HaterNation Show Episode 71: 1/14/2015

January 14th, 2015

From the DogGone Natural Studios in Ashburn, episode 71 is another insane romp through hilarious-ville. 

  • A little NFL playoff talk; How many dimes are left in that stack known as Peyton's neck?
  • NFL draft talk; Who do you pick, the poised, dropback FSU QB who is a heel or the babyface, gimmick QB from Oregon?
  • Golden Globes talk; Every "Funny Black Guy Du Jour" for the past 20 years
  • George Clooney broads vs Derek Jeter ain't even close
  • Anthony Pinnisi swinging for the fences, no hate on that
  • LTW Entertainment Review and Preview
  • Bill Cosby or Don Lemon...who is more untouchable?
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The HaterNation Show Episode 70: January 6, 2015

January 6th, 2015

The guys open 2015 with another laugh-a-second episode, complete with 30+ year old impersonations, movies reviews and blasts from the past. Long-time show supporter, and MC's former sports talk co-host, Tom Block stops by to hang with the haters as we talk about this flu season, "artsy-fartsy" movies and what the hosts thought of "The Interview."

We get a little sports talkie and review the college football playoff and the NFL playoffs- specifically, the penalty/non-penalty heard 'round the world (a nice little argument ensues). The boys close with some thoughts on the late Stuart Scott, including some touching comments from CJ, who worked with Stuart in North Carolina. 
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The HaterNation Show Episode 69: 12/30/2014

December 30th, 2014

We close out 2014 with a full house, big laughs and deep topics. It's MC, Ali, BA, CJ, DJ Rend and our in-studio guests comedian Randolph Terrance (@RealTalkForYou on Twitter) and Brian Cook of the Brian Cook Band,

  • Steve Scalise chatting it up...with white supremacists?
  • Spray Tan vs Snow Phat 
  • We drink the gifts from the Brian Cook Band
  • Missing Airplanes and Ebola
  • Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, Lacey Chabert...chasing through the mall?
  • Randolph Terrance discusses the divide and to comply or not to comply
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