May 26, 2016

Have Mic Will Podcast

On a recent trip to Salt Lake, MC hung out with old friend, former show guest Devon Lucie (@ABC4Devon) drank his face off at Epic Brewery (@EpicBrewery) and stuff his stomach at The Bayou (@UtahBayou). 

Never telling your chick you're tired, non-english speakers on a microphone & more


No orange slices today kids...really...because the parents are lazy asses who didn't bring any! MC rants about soccer parents, Redskins baiting and switching people, Rio Olympic fears, Prince and Captain America Civil War.

All recorded as he drove to DC to catch Big Jay Oakerson at the DC Improv.

Northern Virginia was the sight of a 7+ day celebration of independent music, writing and movies. The 2nd Annual Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival was a tremendous success, and MC and Ali were smack dab in the middle of it! The guys are hanging out at the official after-party and get to chat with some great folks, including:

  • Matt Sharpe, part of the NovaFest Planning Team
  • Multi-Award Winning Director David Newton
  • Bryan Wriggle and Award Winner Kayla Strada
  • Director-screenwriter-actor Stan Harrington
  • Director of Film of the Year "Tri" Jai Jamison
  • 2016 NovaFest Maverick Award Winner, Actor Adoni Maropis
  • Award winning screen writer Julia Liberman
  • Ceremony Co-Host Megan Caulfield
  • Actress Reece McRae
  • Mike Argel and Tom Kazemi of award winning band Monday Mistress
  • Director Maud Lazzerini
  • Award winning director Matt Sconce
  • Award winning director/journalist Sharon Boeckle 
  • Festival Founder Fernando Mico
Support indie film, indie music and the arts! Don't bitch when Caddyshack 3 comes out if you're not supporting original work and creativity!


The Northern VA International Film and Music Festival 2016 took place April 21-30 in Northern Virginia. This celebration of talent, creativity, hard work and desire kicked off with a Battle of the Bands at the legendary State Theater in Falls Church, VA. 

MC spoke with members of all 4 bands to find out more about them; their struggles, their dreams, and much more. 

Be sure to support all arts and support those who have the courage and creativity to "put it out there" no matter what

The guys are on location to celebrate Comic Logic's 1 year anniversary and find two appropriate movies to review: the Dr Strange TV movie from NINETEEN SEVENTY EIGHT and the cheese-rific Captain America movie from 1990. 


Australia's own Stan Harrington is a multi-award winning actor, director, producer, writer and after casting us in one of his films, a GREAT JUDGE OF TALENT!

MC chats with Stan about film festivals, Star Trek First Frontier (a Star Trek fan movie) and the general lack of creativity in Hollywood. 

This interview was sponsored by the Northern Virginia International Film and Movie Festival, April 21-30, 2016 in Fairfax, VA. Support indie film and GREAT ART by attending, for more information. 


March has been a month of MADNESS, huh? MC & Ali, along with Super Nerd Sean Lynch (@Nerd_Church) and Kevin Bednarz, owner of Comic Logic Books and Artwork (ComicLogicVA) review Batman v Superman; Dawn of Justice as well as season 2 of Daredevil.

BTW, go to to score advanced screening passes to Hardcore Henry on April 5. Arrive early, as passes do not guarantee admission

Have fun!!!!
MC and Ali crush your brackets and your dreams as they hate on March Madness but love watching band members cry.

Next, with friend, actress Megan Caulfield, they record their lines for their film debut (speaking role). It's a bit of a stretch, as they play..."MC and Ali of the HaterNation Show".

Lake monster enthusiast Denver Michaels chats with the guys about the lake monster of North America. His book "People are Seeing Something" is available at Amazon.

Finally, in conjunction with The Movie Guys in LA, the guys preview Batman vs Superman in preparation for their review of the film Monday evening/Tuesday morning. 


Recorded live from Taque Taco and BBQ Bar in Ashburn, VA, MC and DJ welcome comedians Dominic Rivera (@DomRivera2K on Instagram) and Schewitz Whichard (Schewitz Whichard on Facebook) for the show's first ever comedy showcase.

In between performances, the guys discuss the recent Chris Cooley/RG3 dust up, New Jack City turning 25 and Pornhub's "Map of Porn"

Throwback show this week as MC and Ali reminisce about George Mason University's memorable final four run and tailgating. They also talk to old friends and former guests Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi from Science Channel's Outrageous Acts of Science and Theo Crane from WGN's new series Underground. 

Listen at the end as we announce how our DC peeps can score passes to watch 10 Cloverfield Lane this Wednesday in Georgetown.

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