August 19, 2016

Lochte His Ass Up

Lies, trim and so much more this week. MC tries to determine who is more of a fool; Lying' Ryan Lochte or Robert Griffin (or Trimmin') III.

Then an interview with indie filmmaker/writer Charles Pelletier and actor Stephen Foster. Their comedy short "Thats Opportunity Knocking" ( is screening on Sept 11 in DC as part of the Go Independent Film Festival ( 
August 9, 2016

Squad Gold!

"Underwhelming". "Shit". "Eh" The guys all watched Suicide Squad and that's what each of them offered for a one word description. A full review of the movie plus some appropriate flashback love for the Summer Games series for the Commodore 64.


The guys record this episode from Ashburn VA's Comic Logic, the area's top comic book & pop culture store ( 

Joined by co-owner Rich Gollhofer, the guys reviews some of the notable trailers and teasers from Star Wars Celebration and San Diego Comic Con, including:
  • Rogue One
  • Suicide Squad
  • Dr Strange
  • Wonder Woman
  • Justice League
and much more. Also, be sure to catch Part 1 of our trip to Washington DC's Awesome Con 2016, available at
July 11, 2016

Land of Distraction

MC tries to sift through all the distractions to review the past week- violence on top of violence. Plus a little Pokemon Go talk and "Do we need Slavery movies anymore?"

Plus, DC folks, score your advanced screening passes for Ghostbusters (7/13) by listening to this episode
June 24, 2016

JR Smith’s Shorts

MC and Ali are joined by old friend, filmmaker and NOVA film festival founder Fernando Mico. The Cavs win for Cleveland, but does that remove the city's stink?

Speaking of stink, man, Rio's got it; Zika, poop water and crime...WELCOME!

Tattle Telling Secret Service Agents and how the NBA Finals resembled a wrestling story line

Ali and MC are BACK!!!! Orlando is taking it on the CHIN in a major way in a span of a week. The fellas review the city's worst...week...ever and welcome old friend Megan Caulfied who is hosting a promoting DOAH-fest ( a fantastic outdoor musical and arts festival, taking place July 15-18.

Listen as we give out the code to score advanced screening passes to Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates in DC
June 3, 2016

Shoot the Hostage!

In this episode, MC and Ali discuss parents running amok. 

  • A kid falls into a gorilla pit
  • A kid is lost in the forest
  • A kid impregnates a 24 year old teacher... 
It was NOT a good week to be a parent! Plus A Hater's Guide to the NBA Finals

May 26, 2016

Have Mic Will Podcast

On a recent trip to Salt Lake, MC hung out with old friend, former show guest Devon Lucie (@ABC4Devon) drank his face off at Epic Brewery (@EpicBrewery) and stuff his stomach at The Bayou (@UtahBayou). 

Never telling your chick you're tired, non-english speakers on a microphone & more


No orange slices today kids...really...because the parents are lazy asses who didn't bring any! MC rants about soccer parents, Redskins baiting and switching people, Rio Olympic fears, Prince and Captain America Civil War.

All recorded as he drove to DC to catch Big Jay Oakerson at the DC Improv.

Northern Virginia was the sight of a 7+ day celebration of independent music, writing and movies. The 2nd Annual Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival was a tremendous success, and MC and Ali were smack dab in the middle of it! The guys are hanging out at the official after-party and get to chat with some great folks, including:

  • Matt Sharpe, part of the NovaFest Planning Team
  • Multi-Award Winning Director David Newton
  • Bryan Wriggle and Award Winner Kayla Strada
  • Director-screenwriter-actor Stan Harrington
  • Director of Film of the Year "Tri" Jai Jamison
  • 2016 NovaFest Maverick Award Winner, Actor Adoni Maropis
  • Award winning screen writer Julia Liberman
  • Ceremony Co-Host Megan Caulfield
  • Actress Reece McRae
  • Mike Argel and Tom Kazemi of award winning band Monday Mistress
  • Director Maud Lazzerini
  • Award winning director Matt Sconce
  • Award winning director/journalist Sharon Boeckle 
  • Festival Founder Fernando Mico
Support indie film, indie music and the arts! Don't bitch when Caddyshack 3 comes out if you're not supporting original work and creativity!


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